Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to make a Fun, Fringe Bunting.

Color, Color Everywhere!!

I'm always looking for fun, new ideas to make. And, while being laid up for the past week with a nasty cold. I thought...I need some fun, some color, more importantly..I need to sew. Well, since I only had maybe 30 minutes of energy at a shot, I had to do something quick.

Enter the fringe bunting!
Here's what I did.
1. Cut up a bunch of strips of fabric. You can measure if you like but I just did it randomly.
2. I took a 1/2" wide section of bias tape. (This one was 6 ft long),
placed the strips in wha
tever way I wanted
(randomly), pinned each one in.
3. Then I simply stitched from one side of t
he open ended bias tape to the other end. Removing t
he pins as I went.

4. Presto! A fun, colorful, cute fringe bunting that brightens up any space. I personally think it would be great at a kids party, or outside at any party.

Enjoy Creating your own!


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