Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Time for some Spring Cleaning!!!!
Sugar is doing a little housework. You know... out with the old, in with the new.
Of course you know I LOVE all of my fabrics, but I can't keep them all.
Seriously?? Where would I put them?

So, I have these beauties left, that I would love to find homes for.

For yardage, and pricing please email me at:

Happy Sewing!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Something to Ponder...

First of all..I want to give props to Tara Gentile of Scoutie Girl for the basis of this post. I took a creativity course from her af ew months ago, and this quote has just followed me around ever since. It resonated with me, it fit with where I am in my life.

"You must give up the life you planned, in order to live the life that is waiting for you."

Joseph Campbell

Aren't we all a little guilty of too much control? I know I can be. Especially since starting Sugar.

Actually, maybe it's gotten a bit worse since then. I've felt the need to have a plan, for everything, sometimes feeling out of control if I didn't. One of the hardest things for me to give up was well..doing everything. When Sugar got to the point that I just couldn't produce EVERYTHING by myself, I had to start looking for help. And boy, letting go of seeing every single stitch made wasn't pretty. I'm sure my wonderful, fabulous, awesome seamstress' had times where they wanted to tell me to shut up! Or yes Caroline, for the 100th time...I GOT IT!

It took time for me to get to the point of letting go with that area of my life, but I did..and it has made me stop and look at other areas that need letting go of. (Is Colin ever going to hit the clothes hamper????)

So, again Thank You Tara! Because everyday that I remember that quote, I learn to let go a little bit more, learn to take the time to look around and see what's "in store" for me.